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Following on from SHELTER comes the second novel in the fantastic, action packed Mickey Bolitar series from the master of the hook and twist.When tragedy strikes close to home, teenager Mickey Bolitar and his loyal new friends sharp witted Ema and the ever charming Spoon find themselves at the centre of a murder investigation involving their friend Rachel Now, not only does Mickey have to continue his quest to uncover the truth about the mysterious death of his father, he also needs to figure out what happened to Rachel no matter what it takes Mickey has always been ready to sacrifice everything to help the people he loves But how can he protect them when he s not even sure who or what he s protecting them from...

Title : Seconds Away (Mickey Bolitar)
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Publisher : Orion 11 Oktober 2012
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Seconds Away (Mickey Bolitar) Reviews

  • Leseeule
    2019-03-22 10:23

    Ich muss zugeben, dass ich anfangs skeptisch war, aber Harlan Coben hat mich wieder mitgerießen.Vor allem die beiden Freunde Spoon und Ema sind sehr gut beschrieben. Der zweite Teil fängt nahtlosnach Shelter an. Wieder erfährt man ein wenig von Mickeys Vater und auch Myron hat einen größerenAuftritt.Obwohl ich Myron immer noch vermisse, bin ich auch ein Fan von Mickey geworden und hoffe man wirdauch Win mal wieder zu Gesicht bekommen.

  • Robin Tramley
    2019-03-26 12:23

    Zugegebenermaßen wäre es günstig zuvor den ersten Teil der Serie gelesen zu haben, da sich viele Einzelheiten wie ein roter Faden durch beide Bücher ziehen und wohl auch Nachwirkungen auf den nachfolgenen Teil haben werden. Die wichtigen Details des 1. Teils werden zwar so gut als möglich zusammengefasst, deckt aber keinesfalls das Wissen des ganzen Buches.Abgesehen davon war ich schlichtweg fasziniert von "Seconds away". Als begeisterte Harlan Coben Leserin war ich anfangs skeptisch gegenüber der neuen Serie, in der der 15-jährige Neffe von Myron Bolitar die Hauptfigur darstellt. Spätestens nach diesem Band, habe ich all meine Zweifel abgelegt. Harlan Coben schafft es wie kein anderer einzigartige Charaktere zu kreieren und sie dementsprechend agieren zu lassen. Alles in allem ein typischer Harlan Coben Band, vollbepackt mit Spannung und Nervenkitzel wie man es gewohnt ist und doch zugeschnitten auf eine jüngere Generation.Ich habe das Buch innerhalb nur eines Tages durchgelesen und freue mich schon jetzt auf den nächsten Teil.

  • MarieM
    2019-03-22 16:25

    I do not understand the negative reviews for this novel. For those mature readers who expected another Myron Bolitar adventure, you should remember this is a young adult novel written about a 15 year old protagonist. It wasn't written for the Myron audience, but for the new and engaged Mickey readers. Lighten up.This is a great and suspenseful younger reader suspense and adventure romp. It is nuanced enough to hold the interest of a mature reader like myself, but I am not the target audience. I believe that such an action packed novel, with no adult language or sexuality, and very little actual violence is a lot like a new generational Nancy Drew. Can it stand as a timeless piece of fiction? Of course not. Can it engage and involve younger readers and encourage their pursuit of pleasure reading? It sure can! I am delighted to highly recommend this novel.

  • K. M. Martin
    2019-03-28 12:22

    Mickey, along with his friends Spoon and Ema, is trying to find out who shot their friend Rachel. Mickey is also still dealing with questions about his father's recent death, his mother's hospitalization for drug addiction, and his new relationship with his Uncle Myron. Throw in his adjustment to a new school and trying out for the basketball team and you have an action-packed adventure.I liked the relationship between the kids. Spoon is quite a nerdy character but both Mickey and Ema accept him as he is. He is also very observant and comes up with some of the needed clues to solve the main mystery in this story. Unfortunately, he gets shot in this one and is still in serious condition at the end of the story. I need the next book to find out his fate.I also liked Mickey's relationship with Ema. He considers her his best friend despite the fact the he doesn't know anything about her home life or even if she has a home. I can understand his hurt feelings when he does learn some of Ema's secrets.The bigger mystery - all about the Abeona Shelter and what they are doing - is left unsolved in this story. Again, I hope the next book will answer some of those questions.Fans of mysteries with teen detectives will enjoy the Mickey Bolitar series and may even want to read some of the Myron Bolitar mysteries.

  • C. Touchette
    2019-04-18 10:32

    I enjoyed it! I've read all of the author's Myron Bolitar series and decided to try this series based on Myron's nephew Mickey. Although it is a series geared toward "Young Adults" or youth, I found it enjoyable and found the character Mickey Bolitar, quite endearing.Once again author Harlan Coben creates a page-turner with a great blend of character development, action and suspense.

  • B. J. Neary
    2019-04-15 09:10

    The 2nd Mickey Bolitar book is a fast-paced mystery involving the shooting of Mickey's new romantic interest, Rachel and her the killing of her mother. As Mickey tries to visit her in the hospital with his friends providing a diversion, he finds her in her room, but must quickly hide because the sheriff is coming to question her. Mickey goes to Bat Lady in her haunted house to try to get some answers and he is further confused to find out the man from the ambulance when his father died was not part of the ambulance crew, but someone known as the Butcher. This someone also resembles a man who killed many children during the holocaust, but how can that be the same man? As a sophomore, Mickey is excited about trying out for the basketball team and hoping to make JV. But as Mickey digs deeper, he and his friends are at risk of being injured. It is only with his solo trip to the Bat Lady's house, finding someone in the house, seeing the halls filled with pictures of children during the Holocaust and also children who are missing now, and a fiery blaze that pushes him out of the house, that Mickey realizes there is much more at work than he realizes. He doesn't feel he can confide in anyone really, even his uncle. The mystery continues to deepen, I was so involved in the story, I did not want it to end. I was not very happy with the ending, Harlan Coben just didn't leave you hanging the way her did in the first book, Shelter. But I will read the 3rd book and hope the ending is a cliff hanger, like the first.

  • lokislisa
    2019-04-18 12:16

    This is another over the fence hit for Harlan Coben. Mickey is just like his uncle.....he can't stay away from danger. It just follows him around like a shadow. This second book is more exciting than the first. The characters seem so real that I expect to see them walking down the street! There is never a dull moment from the turning of the first page. You feel drawn into the drama of Mickey dealing with his dad's death, mom's drug abuse, Uncles unwanted presence, Bat Lady, Ball Head, and his pack of friends; Spoon and Ema. I couldn't put it down.This would be a great mini series or even television show. Kudos to Coben for introducing a line of characters that capture your interest and keep it. You want to be there solving mysteries with them, and can't wait for the next!