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Title : Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture by Phaidon Editors (24-Oct-2011) Flexibound
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Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture by Phaidon Editors (24-Oct-2011) Flexibound Reviews

  • Amazon Kunde
    2019-03-23 04:46

    Alleine die Grösse und das Gewicht machen das Buch zu einem speziellen Erlebnis. Bild-, Buch- und Inhaltliche Qualität sind grossartig, ein Genuss für Herz, Hirn und Auge.

  • Brigitte
    2019-03-21 03:59

    Dieses Buch is nur zu empfehlen. Tausende von tollen Fotos. Logisches layout. Sehr interessant fuer jeden der interesse an Architektur hat, auch fuer Leien. Enormes Buch und sehr schwer. Einfach wunderbar.

  • First
    2019-04-06 06:31

    Ich finde den Atlas eigentlich auch ganz nett und finde toll, dass er in aktualisierter Form vorliegt. Aber nach dem Auspacken aus der Verkapckung folgte etwas die Ernüchterung: das Papier wellt sich und macht in Sachen Qualität keinen guten Eindruck. Eigentlich schade, denn ansonsten gibt es an dem Buch nichts auszusetzen, ausser vielleicht dem doch eher hohen Gewicht und dem Format, das das Lesen eher erschwert als erleichtert.

  • AE
    2019-03-23 08:52

    Architekturbücher müssen auf Hochglanz gedruckt werden, um die Wirklichkeit zu überstrahlen. Dieser Phaidon Atlas hat die hohe Qualität der Architekturbeispiele, aber der Lowcost in Papier- und Druckqualität läßt die Beispiele verblassen. Ich habe den Atlas auf Grund der Kosten so gewählt, aber auch dieser Preis ist schon an den Grenzen. In der Amazon Auswahl sind auch sehr viel höhere Preise, ich nehme an, diese haben die nötige Papierqualität - mir wäre dann das aber zu hochpreisig.

  • Joe Y.
    2019-04-14 04:57

    BE VERY CAREFUL - Most of the glowing reviews are for the giant hardbound which is the size and weight of a desktop CPU and is so portentous it should only be read from aloud upon an old-fashioned bronze eagle lectern at the pulpit of an Ayn Rand cult. DO NOT OPT FOR THE TRAVEL EDITION unless you like photos the size of postage stamps, and font size about 3.5 to 5.5 points. Each of the 1000 entries only has a single image associated with it, and a pointless unhelpful summary of around 75 words. At about 4 inches by 5 inches, this comical 'Travel Edition' could fit nicely into the pocket of an utter moron who likes touring the globe while carrying around books of questionable utility which are only legible under his Sherlock Holmes-sized magnifying glass. Seriously Phaidon, the giant edition is too big, and this travel edition is too small. Frankly I suspect you refuse to put out a decent version between 8 or 10 inches high because you are trying to divert browsing traffic to your website associated with architecture. Do better next time, or else stop promoting this product on your proprietary site.

  • M. C
    2019-04-09 05:46

    A little bible all you need when you travel around! (at least for me!)The "full" edition is too expensive for me so I decided to get a mini one. Even though it's not a full sized one, it has all essential info for the architecture lovers/students.

  • rehantikka
    2019-03-21 03:52

    As an architect and a professional in the industry, this is an invaluable asset, a marvelous compilation with an international flavour. Only negative comment is that the compilation lacked the "works" of some of the great contemporary "icons" of the global architectrural profession, these may be in another volume???. Very happy with the contents and can be highly recomended, awaiting more volumes in the series.The gift card I requested was never included and the green colour special plastic cover which the book was enclosed in was badly damaged and was a big disapointment, perhaps a more sturdy material should be used, specially when being shipped internationally. Sad to see the condition in which it was recived!

  • Art
    2019-04-17 02:30

    Photos are much to small and take all enjoyability out of the book. Need the large edition.

  • SERG
    2019-04-10 07:42

    i saw the big edition on a library and i love it, only cons is that is an oversize,heavy and an expensive book, so i found this mini version with les pics than the bigger book and less info,it is cool but i guess i will save some money to get the big edition so t, but this one is still worth it.