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It was only one night One night, and I was sure Id never see her again.Fast forward six months and Im staring into those same eyes Only this time Delilah is my bosss daughter But the real kickershes very much pregnant.Now my only goal is to stand by her, protect her, and make sure my new family is taken care of.But theres a certain danger lurking in the shadows, threatening everything I hold dear.I wont rest until my family is safe I wont stop until Ive annihilated every threat.Delilah is mine The child shes carrying is mineand Ill be damned if anyone takes them away from me....

Title : Security Breach (Rogue Security and Investigation Book 1) (English Edition)
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Security Breach (Rogue Security and Investigation Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Sherry
    2019-03-27 06:50

    This is the first book I’ve read from Evan Grace and I loved it! I loved the story, the intrigue, and the characters are just wonderful!!! I am so glad that the second book in the series is already out then I can just keep reading.

  • Phuong Richardson
    2019-03-26 02:06

    Who knew that a one night stand six months ago would come back to Reece on his first day of his new job! And the woman happens to be the boss' daughter! And more shocker, she's pregnant! This is such a great story and I hope we will get to read more about Reece and Delilah throughout this new series.To say that Reece was shock when he meet the HR person at his new job and it happens to be Delilah from their one night stand over 6 months ago. And Delilah happens to be around 6 months pregnant. Reece can definitely do the math and know that he's going to be father. Delilah is shocked to see Reece especially since he just left the morning after 6 months ago without any message! Delilah is determined that she will take care of the baby without Reece's help. Reece is determine to step up and help Delilah with the baby in any way he can. He first must make sure her father, his boss and former brother of arms, doesn't kill him.An attack on Delilah has the men of the security firm in search mode to find out who is trying to harm her. Reece decides he will protect the mother of his child until they find out who wants to hurt Delilah. While protecting Delilah, Reece and Delilah realize that they are still attracted to each other but neither is sure about what the other wants so they try to keep in platonic.I love how Reece cares for and about Delilah and shows her the love she needs without her realizing that she needed it. I love how they slowly works towards acknowledging their true feelings for each other and working on being a couple and expectant parents. It is such a romantic story and a mystery to solve of who wants to hurt Delilah and it was a little crazy on the who and why!

  • ANJasper
    2019-04-15 02:02

    I'm not sure how I didn't know about this series but my first book by Evan Grace had me hanging on every word. I devoured Reece and Delilah's story. It was sexy, suspenseful and sweet all at the same time.A chance meeting. Connection. A one night stand. Unexpected pregnancy. A chance meeting. Shock. Danger.I liked Reece. Strong and confident. I loved seeing this broody alpha stunned stupid when he came face to face with Delilah after their one night that he couldn't forget. I loved how invested he was in her and the baby from the onset. When Del, and his boy were threatened, all bets were off. While he was still gentle with Delilah, his protective side came out in full force.The whole team was scrambling to figure out who was behind the attack on Delilah. But as the leads ran cold, and the threats kept coming. And when it all came to a head, though I had an inkling of how it was going to pan out, my jaw was on the floor. Devious and cold-hearted.Reece and Delilah may have done things a bit out of order but I liked that about them. Their journey was truly their own. Evan Grace put together a wonderful cast of characters and I can't wait for more of this series!

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-10 04:51

    He went to a job interview with his friend, he was in a bar and met Delilah. They end up spending the night in his hotel. Six months later he was going to start working. He was going to fill out the paperwork and she walks in. He looks at her and sees that she is pregnant. The first words out of his mouth it's mine. She was attacked and hit in the atomach. She got taken to the hospital, he stayed with her that night. Jack was so upset and he said he would protect both of them with his life. She moved in with him so she wasn't alone and everyone was investigating it not finding anything. Her mother had been a very bad mother and Jack had always loved her and tried to protect her. Her mother came for a visit and he threw her out when the mother tried to seduce him. His mother to the spa and she got kudnapped. She end up having the baby in the woods

  • Charlotte Foster
    2019-03-22 08:18

    Sexual scenes enclosed!Reese left the military and couldn't really find a place in civilian life until an old friend offered him a a job at his security company.Delilah had a terrible childhood, her mother said and did everything she could to cause her emotional pain. When her dad asked her move to Chicago and work for his company, she left her mom behind.. On Delilah's 21st birthday her best friend, Brandon took her out and she ended up having a one night stand with a man who only have his first name, never left his number and took off before she woke up. Delilah has no way to tell Reese about the baby and her mother keeps pushing her to get an abortion.This was a great story. A young girl who was forced to grow up because of her mother. She fights to overcome the damage done to have happiness.Steamy scenes and a HEA.

  • NTM
    2019-03-23 03:02

    "Breached Security" by Evan Grace is the first book in the Rogue series. It is a standalone.Delilah an office manager for her Dad's security company, goes out to celebrate her 21st birthday with some friends. Reese stops out for a drink after a job interview in a new city and meets Delilah they hit it off and decide to go for dessert. After apple pie Delilah and Reese go to hotel and they have a one-night stand. Skip ahead 4 months and Reese is ready to move, and start his new job. He discovers a pregnant Delilah working. Can Delilah and Reese become more than just new parents?The story is told from both characters points of view which is my favorite. I really enjoy Evans writing style. She she knows how to bring the characters to life.