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Im afraid my vagina might turn itself inside out if you try to give it another orgasm so soon Scarlett BodineRaised by her three overbearing brothers, Scarlett is a hell raising tomboy with a tool belt A tornado stirring up trouble everywhere she goes Her favorite pastimes Drinking any man under the table and two stepping But she has zero interest in love Scarletts only being neighborly when she claims her sexy next door neighbor as her new pet project Devlin is a man at rock bottom Marriage, political career, five year plan to Washington, D.C All destroyed with one well placed jab The golden boy is now the black sheep relegated to Bootleg Springs, a tiny West Virginia town with two claims to fame 1 Moonshine and 2 The cold case disappearance of a teen girl.Devlin just wants to lick his wounds But Scarlett has other ideas for his tongue and the rest of him Shes determined to bring him back to life, even if getting him back on his feet means never seeing him again But when an old mystery becomes new news, shell need his help to survive the scandal....

Title : Whiskey Chaser (Bootleg Springs Book 1) (English Edition)
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Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Englisch
Publisher : That s What She Said Publishing, Inc 13 April 2018
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Whiskey Chaser (Bootleg Springs Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Manuela
    2019-03-23 10:11

    ich liebe dieses Buch und kann kaum die Fortsetzung abwarten. Tolle Charaktere. Man schließt alle sofort ins Herz, besonders Gibson :)

  • Amazon-Kunde
    2019-04-10 09:13

    Von allem etwas: eine große Portion Romantik, versehen mit ein bisschen "Krimi" aus der Vergangenheit, ganz viel Witz, und das Ganze eingebettet in eine Schar Geschwister.Ich musste häufiger losprusten bei manchen Szenen, trotzdem nicht überzogen oder albern.Die Charaktere sind nachvollziehbar beschrieben, auch die nicht so sympathischen. Man bekommt fast Lust, den Ort zu besuchen.Ich freu mich jedenfalls auf den bereits veröffentlichten 2. Band und warte auf die Fortsetzungen - laut Autorin sind 6 Bände insgesamt geplant.

  • Sonnenfell
    2019-03-21 08:30

    It's amazing. The memorable characters, described in such a unique way, you like to meet them in your own town.It makes you feel at home immediately, reading about this "Small Town", with their quirky residents and inside jokes and tons of history. You dove in the story and can't stop reading.I laughed so hard since tears rolled down my cheeks and my neighbor asked what's on with me :-)))Now I 'm so excited continuing reading about Scarlet and her brothers and the life in Bootleg with all there ups and downs.Hope we don't have to wait such a long time.

  • Joyce Hiebert
    2019-04-03 07:31

    Oh, my stars, I loved this book!When Devlin McCallister arrives at his grandmother’s house in Bootleg Springs, disgraced and stunned from a spectacularly imploded career, he wants nothing more than to hide out and lick his wounds. Scarlett Bodine has other plans though. And you don’t say no to Scarlett. And so, begins their friendship. The city lawmaker and the country Jill of all trades.This has all the elements that Lucy Score does so excellently. Family, witty banter, life long friendships, small town quirky characters, and steamy sexy times. The small town of Bootleg Springs, West Virginia plays a vivid role also. The lake, the springs, the diner, the late night slow dancing around a bonfire. Kicking it up at the bar after a long week of work.This book features all my favorite things: wonderfully strong and charismatic characters, snappy dialogue, sex, interesting side characters, small town charm, sex, a hint of intrigue, sex, did I say sex? And so many laugh out loud moments! I am excited to see what happens next in Bootleg Springs!

  • AndiQ
    2019-03-28 14:16

    Sidesplitting humor, scorchingly hot sexiness, haunting mystery, and quirky, crazy-fun characters enveloped in an enchanting small-town! "I'm Scarlett Bodine from Bootleg, West Virginia. My roots include an alcoholic daddy and a bootleggin' great-grandad."Scarlett, our resident handywoman is ab-so-lutley freakin' amazing! This sassy gal isn't wasting her time planning weddings or dreaming of romance! Instead, she is more of a love 'em and leave 'em type of gal, just getting close enough to take the edge off. However, she is also smart, independent, capable, and the backbone of what's left of her family. Scarlett's character has depth that makes her relatable, loveable, and badass! What if everything I'd worked for my whole life was impossible now?Devlin, a politician, is waiting for his divorce to go through and unsure of his next move, so his grandmother's home in Bootleg, WV is the perfect place to hide out until he is ready to face his life again. "Listen, Devlin, and listen good. You only get a set number of days, a limited number of sunrises and sunsets. And it's up to you to make sure you're taking full advantage of them," Gran announced.Scarlet, living next door to Devlin's grandmother offered her services to make the guy feel welcome, and boy does she make an impression. Devlin just wants to hide, pout, and sulk in peace, but Scarlet is having none of that, and things heat up rapidly between the two. From an old town mystery to "Bootleg justice" (trust me, you want to know more about Bootleg justice) to Wasted Wednesday these two go on quite the adventure together.Don't miss out on the epicness that is Bootleg!

  • RedEnigma
    2019-04-13 11:12

    Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley writing together?! It just does NOT get any better than that!  This dynamic duo have combined their fantastic writing talents to bring readers and fan-girls all over a hot, new, highly anticipated romance series, Bootleg Springs. EEEP!!😃🤗The ingenious (and ever witty) Lucy Score kicks off this awesome collaborative series with Whiskey Chaser, and it is nothing short of amazing! This book is hilarious, it's sexy, heck . . . it's a whole bag of tacos and then some! 😍😂"Where'd you learn to kiss like that?" "Like what?""Like I'm the only girl in the world you want to kiss."I SMILED.I LAUGHED.I LAUGHED OUT LOUD . . .UNTIL I CRIED.I FELL IN LOVE.I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!Our heroine, Scarlett Bodine is one of the most infectiously lovable Lucy Score characters ever.  Scarlett is the kind of girl who knows what she wants and is not afraid to be herself.  She's quite the little firecracker, but she's also the All-American girl next door. LITERALLY. She's the girl next door! 😂 Scarlett is so witty, lots of fun, and quite frankly, a breath of fresh air . . . with a "shot of whiskey," of course.  I love that she's sexy as heck and a tomboy to boot.  This book brings back so many memories of my own childhood with my brothers, where I hung out with the boys, doing all the things boys did--only better! Did I mention that I absolutely adore Scarlett Bodine and want to be her bestie?! Devlin McCallister, our hero, has arrived in Bootleg Springs a little worse for wear with the hopes of recovering in peace from a series of dramatic life events.  However, it isn't long before he's caught under the spell that is Scarlett Bodine. "Scarlett laughed, and it sounded like the twitter of birds on a sunny Sunday morning.  The light in her laughter turned something on inside of me."  Scarlett has decided to make it her mission to aid in Devlin's recovery, but I don't think she was counting on how much Devlin would end up helping her in return.  Devlin's vulnerability and beautiful heart won me over the same way it won over our heroine.  He was there for Scarlett in ways she never experienced before, and that, I think, took our little Firecracker Bodine by surprise. "He made me feel mysterious, interesting, and sexy. Things I couldn't feel on a daily basis around the people I'd known my whole life . . . when he touched me, it felt like I had straight whiskey flowing through my veins . . . I watched him walk back down the porch steps--the same steps that I'd bounded down in a bid to run away from home twice in my teens--and fell just a little, tiny bit in love with Devlin McCallister."Whiskey Chaser is a great start to this Bootleg Springs series.  It had everything--lots of laughter and good times, and then there were the right-in- the-feels moments that made my heart crack wide open; the moments that made me want to gather up and hug all the Bodine kids.  I just can't say it enough. I loved everything about this book--the town, its rich, colorful history, the community spirit and families--especially Scarlett's super meddlin', overprotective, "cockblockin'" brothers! I practically hollered about the way they deliver their own brand of justice--Bootleg Justice that is . . . LOL!Whiskey Chaser is such an awesome book, and I'm super excited for what's to come in the rest of this series.