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Marty Hogan was a good cop, until a shocking case sent her to the razors edgeA sadistic killer pushed Chicago cop Marty Hogan past her limitsand it was all caught on video She lost her job, her sense of self, her entire worlduntil an open detective position in small town Texas gave her a chance at redemption.But shes about to learn that the past always catches upPolice Chief Clay Settlemeyer knows all about mistakes and second chanceshes still earning his own, so hes willing to give Marty the opportunity to prove herself But when her ex partner is murdered, it looks like Chicago is coming to small town Texas with a vengeance Castillos novel resonates with its blend of stalking menace and rich characterization Romantic Times, 4 StarsLinda Castillo writes with power, passion, and a voice youll never forget New York Times bestselling author Maggie ShayneOVERKILL is another winner from Linda Castillo Having a great conflict and creating great characters are just two of the reasons Linda Castillo is quickly becoming one of my go to authors for romantic suspense I can t wait to read .Romance JunkiesRipped straight from the headlines and guaranteed to causeThere is a happy ending here, but Castillo makes them work for it So when it comes, its worth

Title : Overkill (English Edition)
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Format Type : Hardback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : NYLA 13 Mai 2018
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Overkill (English Edition) Reviews

  • Catherine Farkas
    2019-04-26 16:05

    Haven't had a book keep me awake so I could finish it for a long time. Obvious but good story telling

  • Tina
    2019-04-24 18:51

    Die Hauptperson der Geschichte, Marty Hogan, ist Polizistin aus Chicago. Nachdem sie aber dort bei einer Verhaftung eines Verdächtigen übermäßige Gewalt angewendet hat, muss sie Chicago verlassen, da sie dort nicht mehr als Polizistin arbeiten kann. Sie will aber unbedingt weiterhin als Polizistin tätig sein, auch wenn sie weiß, dass ihr gewaltsames Verhalten falsch war. Nur möchte sie niemand einstellen - mit Ausnahme des Polizeichefs in einer kleinen Stadt in Texas. Er gibt ihr eine Chance, weil er an zweite Chancen glaubt. Allerdings beobachtet er sie aufmerksam, da ihm klar wird, dass sie kurz vor dem Zusammenbrechen steht und viel seelischen Balast aus Chicago mitgebracht hat. Auch mit ihren Kollegen ist es nicht einfach für Marty. Und dann wird auch noch ihr alter Partner in Chicago ermordet und auf sie wird geschossen - oder hat sie sich letzteres nur eingebildet? Bald wird jedoch klar, dass jemand Marty aus Chicago gefolgt ist... Und Marty und der Polizeichef, Clay, müssen nun herausfinden, wer Marty umbringen will. Gar nicht so einfach, denn da ist auch noch die Anziehungskraft zwischen ihnen beiden und dann taucht auch noch Clays Exfrau auf...Es handelt sich hier um eine spannende Geschichte, die Krimi und Liebesroman verbindet. Die Konflikte in Marty sind gut beschrieben und auch Clays Gefühle und Zweifel werden intensiv geschildert. Die Anziehungskraft zwischen den beiden Hauptpersonen, die beide ihre früheren Erfahrungen und Probleme mitbringen, ist greifbar und ihr Umgang miteinander, trotz aller Probleme und trotz ihrer eher rauhen Charaktere, meist verständnis- und liebevoll.

  • Voracious Reader
    2019-05-21 23:07

    Have to admit that I dislike romance novels. So that is part of the rating. Another part of it is all of the editing errors. There's not a page that doesn't have at least one jumble of letters that is not a word. Very annoying. I don't like paying for an inferior product. The editor should be embarassed. The writing is ok but not up to her standard. Did she write this before the Amish series? My bad for giving this genre a shot because she was the author. I won't make that mistake again.

  • Elaine C McTyer
    2019-04-24 20:12

    I enjoyed this book but it was abit slow in the middle. The beginning was great and so was the ending, but bogged a little in the middle. I am glad I stayed with it because it really was good.Marty Hogan is a burnt out cop from Chicago. She lost it on video, with a child killer. She beat him almost to death and she is a small woman. But the fallout aka Rodney King, cost her the job and her reputation. Now the only one who will hire her is a small town PD in Texas.Chief Clay Settlemeyer has been there himself, and without a second chance he wouldn't have made it either. So he takes a chance on an unknown cop. He knows the rest of the story, about the killing of the child. However, he doesn't expect to be attracted to Marty who is suffering from PDST. He has a young daughter to raise.Marty tries to settle in but shortly is notified that her partner in Chicago has been murdered. She doesn't connect it to herself until almost to late. She is shot at and almost kiddnapped before the pieces start to come togather.The story held my attention and as I said the beginning and the end were great.

  • Charlie P
    2019-04-24 21:51

    The plot was excellent and the writing was outstanding. However, there were way too many typos and it made for an unwanted distraction. I love Linda Castillo and I have read many of her novels and will read many more I hope

  • Mel65
    2019-05-21 21:00

    Meh read. And the number if typos was distracting and unprofessional for a well published author. It's like no editor or proofreader were involved. That sort of thing annoys me and interrupts the flow of reading a good book for me.

  • Marie M
    2019-05-11 14:57

    Marty Hogan was a Chicago cop who was fired for beating a handcuffed suspect to near unconsciousness. Marty went into a blind rage when she saw the suspect had killed a nine-year girl whom he was holding as a hostage. For months, the media focused on her for police brutality, while little attention was given to the fact of the little girl's murder.It took six months for Marty to get another job in law enforcement. She submitted 35 resumes without a response. Finally, she got a break, Chief Clay Settlemeyer called Marty from Caprock Canyon, Texas, and hired her while on the phone. Marty's first day on the job didn't go well with her co-workers. They got into a verbal confrontation. Clay believed in second chances, however, in hiring Marty, he made a mistake. She knew all the right things to say when he interviewed her on the phone. When Clay met Marty, he was instantly attracted to her, but perceived that the fallout from the Chicago incident was still having an effect on her.Shortly after Marty arrived in Texas, she received a phone call that her ex-partner from Chicago was murdered. There had been several brutal murders in Chicago law enforcement. Seems that anyone connected to Marty on the day when she lost control is a target. The suspect's sister and brother are in the Russian Mob. While he was being tortured, Marty's ex-partner revealed where Marty was living.The secondary characters were interesting. Jo Nell is the receptionist for the Caprock Canyon PD. She was humorous at times, trying to hide her cigarette smoke from the Chief. Chief Clay Settlemeyer's wife left him and their daughter Erica for a wealthy man. When the man died, she returned to Caprock Canyon to rekindle her once romantic relationship with Clay.The plot was up front without any surprise twist at the end. Linda Castillo did an excellent job in weaving the story line. The plot held my interest until the very end.I recommend OVERKILL!